Wide Open

Wide Open with i.m. ruzz is an independent publication launched in October 2022 by Canadian Landscape and Street Photographer i.m. ruzz.

I've started this "publication" after years of hopping from platform to platform. Building audiences, building relationships and jumping through each platform's hoops. I've had enough of following instagram's rules. I've had enough of people being half asleep while scrolling through the work that makes me.. well, me. I'm opting for a smaller, more rambunctious crowd of people who genuinely care.

Defeat the Algorithms.

Why are you letting a computer program decide what you see and experience? because it's easier? Because you never thought about it? Do you really want strangers writing code for a huge corporation (and trying to meet their objectives) being the final say on what ends up before your eyes. I don't.

Who Am I?

i.m. ruzz

I'm a self taught Photographer with over 20 years of experience behind the camera. Multiple publications (list soon, perhaps).

I focus mainly on the Alberta Prairie, but also have done extensive work in Street, Portraiture and Nudes.

I have an active exhibit in the lobby of the Alt Hotel in Calgary. You should check it out.

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wide open is a newsletter about making photographs. the practice of fine art photography, printing, and the complexities of feeling things.